London Alexander

1.Killdoubt-London Alexander

3.Killdoubt-London Alexander 4.Killdoubt-London Alexander 5.Killdoubt-London Alexander 6.Killdoubt-London Alexander 7.Killdoubt-London Alexander 8.Killdoubt-London Alexander 9.Killdoubt-London Alexander

11.Killdoubt-London Alexander12.Killdoubt-London Alexander13.Killdoubt-London Alexander14.Killdoubt-London Alexander15.Killdoubt-London Alexander16.Killdoubt-London Alexander

London Alexander merges street style with sophisticated menswear.  This clothing brand offers impeccable attention to detail and quality of materials are at the forefront of all designs and concepts. killdoubt™ was invited to take on all Art Direction for this brand, including seasonal look books, various print materials, website design and promotional video and photo shoots.  Modern minimalism and classic typography are what gives this brand identity it’s staying power.

Category: Art Direction, Branding, Film / Photography, Online / Digital
Client: London Alexander